20 Mar, 2021

Introducing SendItCNC

If you’re using Fusion 360 and need a CNC machine but don't have your own, no problem: use ours.

SendItCNC provides CNC machines in the cloud, so you can make parts on demand without your own in-house machine shop.

We enable designers, product engineers and innovators to make the parts they need to bring their inspirations to life. This is ideal for rapid prototyping or small production runs where time is of the essence.

In just three minutes this video goes through a high-speed overview of how to take a Fusion 360 design, add your CAM operations, then submit it to SendItCNC to get it made on a CNC machine in the cloud.

The examples used are available for download at SendItCNC.com.

Prerequisites: some knowledge of CAM and CNC machining. There are great CAM learning videos available to the Fusion 360 community.

Not-a-prerequisite: Having your own CNC Machine, because the video uses a SendItCNC cloud CNC machine.

SendItCNC is the democratization of manufacturing.